Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fan-Made Alternate Denver Broncos Logo Fails to Impress Fans

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Designer Max O'Brien recently recreated the logos for all 32 teams in the NFL, drawing mixed reactions.  O'Brien's logos were posted on Reddit (h/t: B/R and MHR) and they have received positive overall reviews.

There are several very impressive yet simple designs (the Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions logos turned out especially well) and then there are the ideas that went horribly wrong (the Cincinnati Bengals' logo looks like a mix between a tiger and shrimp).

A majority of Broncos fans seem to think Denver's logo falls in the latter category.

It's a creative thought, combining a Rocky Mountain peak with Denver's bronco logo, but it doesn't make for a better look than the team's current logo; and that seems to be the consensus among Broncos fans.

"If the Broncos really want a new logo, I have always felt they should combine the new logo with the old letter D. The old letter D is very recognizable but very dated and a combination of new and old would be the best of both worlds. I would also a return to the original blue but since the Broncos won with the current colors and logo, I am fine with the current state of our image," Kerbs_Broncos commented on on Thursday afternoon.

Kerbs' take seems to be shared by most of Broncos Country.  Many would welcome a return to a retro look with the old "D" on the helmet but are satisfied with the current design over tweaking it as O'Brien has done.

With NIKE taking over as the official apparel provider of the NFL and revamping several team's looks, some changes may be in store for Denver down the road.  A modern design with a retro feel (something similar to the design pictured to the right) may one day become a reality.

That, of course, is all speculation.  It's fun to talk about alternate designs, but Denver's uniform isn't changing anytime soon.