Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pasquarelli: Ryan Clady's Representatives Preparing a Counter Offer

Progress is being made on the Ryan Clady front.

Earlier this month, the Denver Broncos started up contract  negotiations with franchise-tagged left tackle Ryan Clady, who is seeking a long-term contract.

Since then, Coach John Fox has hinted at progress and Clady has hinted at being eager to get a deal done.  On Sunday, the National Football Post's Len Pasquarelli (via IAOFM) reported that the two sides "aren't close to a deal," but added:
"The representatives for Clady, who is key to the protection of (quarterback Peyton) Manning, are preparing a counter to Denver’s offer."
The fact that the two sides are negotiations and bouncing around offers is a good sign. These are just the early stages of a deal getting done, but they are necessary stages.

Ideally, the two sides will come to terms before the franchise tag deadline on Monday, July 15. If a deal cannot be agreed upon before then, Clady will likely sign his one-year tag.