Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coach John Fox Hints at Progress in Ryan Clady Negotiations

(Kevin Sherrets/104.3 The Fan)
As expected, John Fox's post-practice chat with the media on Thursday was filled with inquiries on running back Willis McGahee's release.

As noted earlier, Fox stated that the team wanted to give him a chance to land somewhere else while also giving the younger running backs plenty of reps this summer.

"In fairness to him (and) the things he’s done for us—this gives him a better opportunity to hook on somewhere," Fox told the media on Thursday.  "It gives us a better opportunity to give some of these young guys more reps. It’s just a conscious decision for us to get younger."

That has all been covered, but Fox was also asked about left tackle Ryan Clady after practice, and that's what caught my attention in the quote sheets released by the team.

"That’s the business part; I’m not in that mix," Fox said when asked about Clady's contract negotiations.  "At the end of the day I know we want Ryan and Ryan wants to be here.  So I’m convinced that something good will happen."

Clady, as has already been stated here, is seeking a long-term deal.  The Broncos, on the other hand, used their one-year, $9.8 million franchise tag on him for 2013, wanting to see him play post-shoulder surgery before locking him up long term.

But Clady has refused to sign his tender, holding out for a multi-year deal.  A positive sign is that the two sides are talking, and Fox says he is "convinced" something will get done.

Not only does Fox say something will get done, something "good" will get done.  That makes one wonder if progress is being made in the negotiations—why would Fox say something along those lines otherwise?

The sides have until July 15 to agree on a long-term deal.  After that date, franchise-tagged players can only agree to one-year contracts with their respective clubs.

If Fox is being honest, Clady will probably be locked up before the 15th.