Monday, July 31, 2017

BurgaBox review: Bronco Burga Feast draws A+ for taste

How would you like to eat like an NFL offensive lineman?

Denver Broncos center Matt Paradis and Vaynersports, the agency that represents Paradis, recently teamed up with BurgaBox to create The Bronco Burga Feast.

Here's Paradis and VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk announcing the burger earlier this month:

BurgaBox is a company that ships cheeseburger meals across the U.S. to those brave enough to take on an "over-the-top" burger. The Bronco Burga meal has been dubbed an "outrageous feast" by BurgaBox, which seems appropriate.

The $65 meal for two includes two 8-ounce Angus beef patties, Cheddar-Jack cheese, beer braised onions, BBQ beef brisket, chili peppers, scratch-made horseradish sauce and Bronco BBQ sauce.

And that's just for the two burgers.

Also included on the side are Colorado chili mac and cheese, buckin' bronco beer sauce fries, homemade coleslaw and Boston baked beans. The chili mac and cheese includes smoked green chili peppers and a four-cheese blend. The fries include homemade beer sauce and Cheddar-Jack cheese.

BurgaBox sent me a sample to try — I give the prep a B and the taste an A+. All of the ingredients came in separate packaging that was clearly labeled with easy-to-follow instructions.

I give the prep a B because while it wasn't complicated, it was a little more than I was expecting. The fries and chili mac and cheese were super easy as they just had to be heated up in the oven. 

Then I prepped the toppings, heating up the beer-braised onions and BBQ beef in separate saucepans. I seasoned the patties with the provided spice rub and started cooking the burgers in a pan about halfway through the fries' cooking duration (25 minutes).

There were a few pans and trays worth of dishes by the time the meal was done, but it was well worth it. Though the burger was delicious — and filling — the chili mac and cheese may have been my favorite part of the meal.

I'm not quite as large as NFL offensive lineman, so I wasn't able to eat an entire burger and half the sides, but it all heated up nicely for a leftover meal later in the day.

It's hard to accurately represent the burger's size in a photo, so I put the Bronco Burga next to a McDouble from McDonald's to give you a size comparison:

If you're a burger fan and enjoy cooking from home, you'll probably love the Bronco Burga Feast. 

If you're a burger fan but not overly excited about the toppings for the Bronco Burga, you should check out the many other options on BurgaBox's website

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