Monday, July 13, 2015

Twitter poll: Should the Broncos sign free agent WR Reggie Wayne?

Reggie Wayne, a 36-year-old receiver who played with quarterback Peyton Manning for over ten years in Indianapolis, is still a free agent.

The Broncos, meanwhile, may be bracing for star receiver Demaryius Thomas to hold out if they cannot reach a long-term deal before Wednesday's deadline.

Is there reason to connect the dots?

I asked Twitter, and the results were mixed.

At the time of this writing, about 60 percent were opposed to signing Wayne, 31 percent were in favor, and the remaining 9 percent suggested something along the lines of a maybe.

See a sample of the responses below:
In 2012, the Broncos signed then-36-year-old slot receiver Brandon Stokley for his familiarity with Manning. Stokley went on to catch 45 passes for 544 yards and five scores.

What do you think of Wayne? Is he worth taking a flier on, or not worth Denver's time?