Monday, March 16, 2015

Free agent quarterback Tim Tebow worked out for Eagles today

Philadelphia's crazy offseason took another surprising turn Monday.

The Eagles worked out free agent quarterback Tim Tebow today, according to numerous reports. ESPN's Adam Schefter was the first to report the news.

Within minutes of Schefter's tweet going live, #TebowTime became the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter across the United States.

Tebow (6-3, 236 pounds) has not played in the NFL since being cut by the Patriots prior to the 2013 season. Since then, he has been a college football analyst for ESPN's SEC Network.

His unorthodox throwing motion has been criticized by football analysts since his rookie season with the Broncos in 2010, and he struggled as a passer during his time as a pro. But Tebow can run (he has 197 career carries for 989 yards and 12 scores), and many have suggested that he change positions, perhaps to an H-back or fullback.

Yet, Tebow has remained adamant that he wants to be a quarterback.

If he has improved as a passer, he may get a shot to become Philly's No. 3 QB behind Sam Braford and Mark Sanchez. Some believe that his passing has approved.

Tebow has been working with Tom House (Tom Brady’s personal coach) since 2013. Earlier this month, House told the Boston Globe's Ben Volin that Tebow's accuracy has improved.

“He went from being a little inaccurate and didn’t throw a whole lot of spirals, to throwing very accurate and real good at spinning the ball," House said.

In his career, Tebow has gone 173-of-361 (47.9 completion percentage) for 2,422 yards, 17 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions. He owns a career passer rating of 75.3.

Chip Kelly, the Eagles' head coach, runs a college-like offense in Philly. That bodes well for Tebow, who had success running a read-option offense in Denver.

If Tebow is going to get another shot in the NFL, the Eagles may represent his best opportunity. Tebow will turn 28 in August.