Monday, July 29, 2013

Spotrac: Denver Broncos Have Over $11.9 Million in Salary Cap Room

Following the signing of rookie defensive tackle Sylvester Williams and the release of veteran middle linebacker Joe Mays, the Denver Broncos have $11,916,056 in available 2013 salary cap, per

In June, we broke down what William's contract could potentially look like:
Per the CBA, Williams' signing bonus will be $3,894,000, as it was for Mark Ingram in 2011 and Nick Perry in 2012 (both of those players were selected 28th overall, as was Williams last April).  That will spread out as $973,500 cap hits over a four-year period, in addition to the base salary.
Ingram's contract was worth a total of $7,416,750 in 2011 and Perry's was worth a total of $7,499,250 in 2012.  If Williams sees a similar increase, he will be looking at a contract worth around $7,581,750.
If Williams does indeed sign a contract similar to the one laid out above, he will count at just over $1.3M against the cap this season ($1,373,500).
As it turns out, Williams' four-year deal is worth $7,581,750 on the dot and his signing bonus is $3,894,000, as expected.  His cap hit is $1,378,500, which is a littler higher than my June projection.

Excuse me while I go pat myself on the back.