Thursday, May 30, 2013

Peyton Manning's Quite the Golfer

He's a four-time NFL MVP and one of the greatest quarterbacks to have ever played the game.

But Peyton Manning is more than just a talented football player.

Manning and Denver's front office recently made a trip to play at Augusta National, home of the Masters.  Manning shot a 77.

At the April Masters, Tiger Woods closed with a 70.

Prior to his strong performance at Augusta, Manning shot a hole in one at Castle Pines Golf Club outside Denver, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"The guys I was playing with this time, they were so excited. I mean, I was excited, but you've seen me when I throw a touchdown; I'm kind of ho-hum. These guys went nuts," Manning told the Times.

Manning's best round at Augusta was a 77; John Elway's was a 72.

The big men in Denver—Elway and Manning—know a thing or two about winning Super Bowls.  In their spare time, they make the average pleasure golfer look like W.C. Fields on the golf course.