Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nike Continues to Modernize NFL's Uniforms

Last August, the NFL's deal with Reebok expired and NIKE took over as the official apparel provider for the NFL moving forward.  NIKE implemented a new Elite 51 design to most uniforms last fall and is in the process of evolving all 32 uniforms across the league.

The Seattle Seahawks were the first to be given a new look, creating a huge splash among players across the NFL.  The 'Hawks' design has a modern feel, similar to the uniforms NIKE has been outfitting at the college football level, predominately with the Oregon Ducks.

The technology and fabric used on the uniforms was well-received by the players in August, and the Seahawk's uniforms were a player favorite.  Denver Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey, who is sponsored by NIKE, tweeted, "
these new uniforms gonna be nice!," a big endorsement from Bailey, who rarely tweets from his verified account.

Since then, the Miami Dolphins have also made the switch to a modernized NIKE look, recently revealing a new logo and planning to reveal their new uniforms on Thursday.  The Minnesota Vikings are also receiving a uniform touch-up, which will be revealed later this week.

A fourth team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, went especially bold with their new uniform design, complete with a half-black, half-gold helmet.  The Jags' new look has received mixed reviews, but a makeover was necessary.

Expect the trend to continue.  The players like the uniforms and front offices are more than willing to roll out new apparel to excite the fan base—and increase jersey sales.

NIKE's deal with the NFL is good for five years, but it may be extended before it expires.  In the meantime, expect the outfitter to continue making waves on the uniform front, perhaps even revamping the Broncos' uniform within the next few years.