Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Broncos Won't Rush to Sign Dwight Freeney

When defensive end Elvis Dumervil signed with the Baltimore Ravens, the Denver Broncos began pursuing former Indianapolis Colt Dwight Freeney as a potential replacement. But with draft preparations in full swing and other defensive end options already on the roster, the Broncos' talks with Freeney have stalled.

According to NFL Network's Michelle Beisner, the Broncos made a strong push for Freeney before learning of his contract desires.  Freeney is seeking $6 million a season, which is considerably more than the team is will to pay him.

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning wasted no time in recruiting Freeney, his former teammate, when the veteran rusher became a free agent earlier this month, telling him to join him in Denver. The Broncos' front office is not as excited about Freeney as Manning.

According to PFT, Dumervil will be paid $5.2 million this season in Baltimore.  Denver will not be paying Freeney, an older, less productive option, more than they were willing to give Dumervil.

Freeney is willing to wait to be paid, per Beisner, and he may have to.  The Broncos appear willing to wait until after the draft to sign a veteran rusher, and could even wait until training camp rolls around.  If Freeney and the Broncos eventually do come to terms, it will probably happen later this summer.

Beisner also reports that the team is no longer targeting former Atlanta Falcons defensive end John Abraham, who visited Dove Valley last week.  Denver has no rush to sign another defensive end before the draft—all indications are that they are not planning to.