Tuesday, December 30, 2014

ESPN mistakenly ID's random fan as Ed McCaffrey during bowl game

(Photo via @jhoran8 on Twitter)
As Stanford freshman running back and return specialist Christian McCaffrey carved up Maryland's defense and kick coverage teams in the Foster Farms Bowl on Wednesday, ESPN cut to a shot of McCaffrey's dad, Ed, watching from a press box.

Just one problem.

That's definitely not Christian's dad.

McCaffrey was a receiver at Stanford before going on to win three Super Bowls—one with San Francisco and two with Denver—in the NFL. He's aged since his playing days, but he doesn't resemble the man ESPN identified as him on Wednesday.
The McCaffrey family probably doesn't care. Christian is well on his way to becoming a household name after gaining over 100 all-purpose yards in his first bowl game.
Christian returned kicks, ran the ball, caught passes out of the backfield, and operated the Wildcat offense during Stanford's 45-21. Clearly, football runs in the McCaffrey family.