Sunday, May 19, 2013

Montee Ball Really Did Grow Up a Terrell Davis Fan

In his post-draft press conference last month, new Denver Broncos running back Montee Ball beamed with excitement over joining the team after following the franchise as a child.

According to Ball, his favorite player growing up was former Broncos running back Terrell Davis.

“The Broncos have been my favorite team ever since I started watching football," Ball said in April.

“I grew up watching him—I’ve watched Terrell Davis—all of his interviews; all of his highlights; everything.”

As it turns out, Ball has photographic evidence.
Ball participated in the 2013 Rookie Premiere over the weekend, giving fans a first look at what he will look like in orange and blue.

Ball has already picked up on the 'Mile High Salute," a sure confirmation that Ball grew up watching Davis, who made the salute popular in the 1990s.