Thursday, May 2, 2013

'Madden 25' Releases Awkward Screenshot Featuring Broncos' Manning, McGahee

(Photo provided courtesy of EA Sports — numbers added for emphasis. Larger image here.)
The folks at EA Sports are in the process of hyping up the August release of Madden NFL 25, the companies twenty-fifth installment of the wildly popular football video game.

This year's version of the game apparently is going to highlight running backs and their moves, as EA has been rolling out new features and screenshots geared specifically towards the backfield.

On Wednesday, EA released a screenshot featuring Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, running back Willis McGahee and a Green Bay Packers defender.

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A few observations from the image:

  1. Manning's face and facemask (especially near the top of his helmet) looks extremely awkward. Let's hope this is a screenshot from very early on in the game's developmentthe graphics leave much to be desired. 
  2.  The turf flying up around McGahee's feet is merely four triangles, another graphic glitch.  And the choice of McGahee is curious, even if he is penciled in as the team's current starter.  The Broncos selected Wisconsin running back Montee Ball in the second round of the draft last month, threatening McGahee's starting gig.
  3. Are both of Shield's ankles broken?  They appear to be, and McGahee's wrapped ankles are awfully bulky.
Madden dropped the ball with this screenshot.  There is still plenty of time to work out the kinks before the game comes out later this summer, so get to it, EA.