Thursday, April 4, 2013

Twitter Wants Peyton Manning to Join Social Network

There are 35 confirmed Denver Broncos players on Twitter, but the most high profile member of the team doesn't have a large social media presence.

Twitter, a social networking service with over 500 million registered users, wants quarterback Peyton Manning to join the site, understandably so.

“Peyton Manning is so funny in real life and if he got on the platform it’d be entertaining,” Omid Ashtari, who is in charge of verifying popular figures on the social media outlet, told ESPN earlier this year.

According to to ESPN, Manning is on top of Ashtari's list of athletes that Twitter covets.  Manning is known for his quick-witted personality and there are several parody accounts of the star QB, including @PeytonsHead, who has 71,847 followers.
But knowing the professional side of Manning, it seems unlikely that Twitter would receive many controversial or zinger tweets from Peyton if he were to join the network.  Always even-keeled and professional in the public eye, Manning is not the type that seeks attention.

Still, a verified Peyton Manning would likely become one of the top-followed athlete accounts.  New Orleans Drew Brees is one of the most notable NFL QBs on the network, with 1,605,348 followers.

Manning has been known to crack a few jokes in his day (even aiming some wise cracks towards the media), so maybe Twitter would be a fit for him.  What say you, Peyton?