Sunday, April 14, 2013

Denver Broncos Visiting More Draft Prospects

Von Miller seen working out in 2011.
The Denver Broncos have been visiting with a host of 2013 NFL draft prospects this month, and that list grew last week. Tackles Vinston Painter and Luke Marquardt recently worked out for/visited the team (h/t: IAOFM).

Pre-draft visits can be telling, but they should also be taken with a grain of salt.  Last spring, Denver's Executive V.P. of Football Ops John Elway, former General Manager Brian Xanders, Head Coach John Fox, former Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy, and then-Quarterbacks Coach Adam Gase all traveled to Arizona to watch quarterback Brock Osweiler work out—a sign that the team was seriously interested.

But the team never visited or talked with Cincinnati defensive lineman Derek Wolfe.  During the draft, the Broncos selected both players in the second round (Wolfe at No. 36 and Osweiler at No. 57).

Denver took completely different approaches for each prospect and ended up with both.  Pre-draft talks can give an idea into what positions the team is targeting, but overall, they should be taken at face value—the team is just doing their homework.

The draft is now just ten days away.  Denver owns six selections (including 28th overall).